Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some of My Favorites

We had a family photo shoot down in Coronado a couple of months ago, here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, October 5, 2015

September Days, Why So Hot?

September has come and gone, it has been a good one, but a scorcher, with record breaking heats weekly!  Please bring on the fall weather.  It rained today and cooled off by about 20 degrees, but I saw it gets in the 80s again this weekend, no!!!!  Today actually felt like fall and I loved it. Well here's what the Jollys have been up to this past month.

We took a trip to St. George for a surprise baby shower for Kim.
Upon arrival, we immediately stopped by the fountains, its a great place to cool off.

 Out to dinner at the Pizza Factory with Cooper and Kim.
Lots of prickly pear were picked to make a delicious punch.

 We met up with the Kelvingtons to attend the Washington County Fair, it was as good as I remember from being in high school, except I wasn't there to meet a cute boy,  Kev wasn't in town yet!

 Luke was dying to go on the ferris wheel, he loved it!
...and Wyatt loved every other ride.

Kevin are you jealous?

Luke wanted a snow cone, or so he said, but when we went to get one, he was confused, and said that wasn't a snow cone.  I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, so I talked him in to some cotton candy instead, but when he went to the cotton candy booth he asked if they had snow cones, the guy said no, and Luke said, "then who has them here?"  We died laughing.  Later on we figured out he really wanted an ice cream cone!

Kim's party sign.  I think my mom was the only one who didn't get the surprise.

It's a boy!

Back at home and Wyatt is off to his first day of Kindergarten.

Luke is so excited he's a preschool all by himself!

Luke and I spent a rainy day at the zoo.

Labor Day in San Juan with some friends.

I think I took the boys to the hottest day at Disney ever!  100 degrees, it was nuts, but, there were no lines and we were in the A/C rides all day.

It's quiet around here.

Movie night at the park.

Crane day at our house.  The guys were moving the stones and pavers into the backyard, it took them all day, and it was intense.

A view from La Costa Ave.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Close Out of Summer

So lets recap what we were up to this summer, now that Wyatt has started Kindergarten.  Where has the summer gone?  I'm already looking forward to next year, I miss my buddy at home with me.
Date nights

Wyatt earning a bigger bike by doing chores...and learning to ride it

Swimming at neighbor's pools, Luke went off the diving board without his jacket! Scared me to death, but he thought "he was big now."  Of course I had to dive in after him, he did tread water pretty well though.

One incredible thunderstorm!

Summer camp for the boys

Visit to SeaWorld with Nana, Abby, and Nora

Lots of beach days

Playing with the neighbor's dog through the new fence

Mini golf with the family
Painting the bathroom cabinets white

A visit downtown to ComicCon

 Ice cream trucks
Preschool graduation


 Passing out in random places
Jam making

 Luke's first day away from mom for summer camp
Did I say random naps???

More beach days

 followed by many nights in the hot tub
 4th of July parades

More pool parties

A visit from Papa Terry and Noah

 Time with Mommy
Play dates and more ice cream trucks!

We had a great summer, not ready for it to end!